Amaze Your Family and Friends With a
Fancy Carved Watermelon

Create STUNNING Watermelon Carvings

Have you seen a Watermelon Carving like this?

Carved watermelons appear on cruise ships and at fancy catered events.

Amazingly carved and sculpted watermelons are often featured as centerpieces at elegant table settings.

What would your friends think if YOU featured an elegant watermelon carving at your next table setting? Now is your chance to get jaw dropping attention the next time you entertain guests. Display a carved watermelon at your next big event or simply create a more intimate setting at tonight's dinner with friends or family.

Easy to Read, Easy to Follow Step-by-Step Watermelon Carving Instructions

Just how hard are these to carve?

"It generally takes me about an hour to carve a complex watermelon carving pattern", Jay told Jeremy Pugh, Associate Editor of Utah Style and Design Magazine. "Simple designs can be done in about 30 minutes".

"After reading your book I picked up my first watermelon and had a very impressive centerpiece created for my dinner party that very evening. Your instructions were clear and easy to follow. Your patterns are incredible. Thank you for making it so easy to create something so beautiful." - Sandy Ballard, Utah.

Over 30 Stunning Designs

Some call these templates, others call them stencils, in my book I call them patterns.

Click here to see all designs in a separate window.


Transferring the Pattern SUCKS

Have you ever carved a pumpkin? Do you like transferring the pattern?

I HATE it!

I want to carve, not waste all my time transferring patterns. In Section Three of my book I reveal 3 great ways to get through the transfer phase fast and get on with what you enjoy most, carving a watermelon!

Do You See How Captivating Shading Is?

Since I brought up pumpkin carving, have you ever been spellbound by the shaded pumpkin carvings that reveal different levels of light? You've probably seen them; the ones that make it look like the image has almost come to life?

I call this stunning effect "shading" in my book, and I will show you how to do it in watermelons! In fact, anything that can be done with pumpkins can be done in a watermelon. Pumpkin carvers will want to read this book to improve and speed up their Hallween pumpkin carvings.

FREE TIP: Carving a watermelon using shading is not that difficult, really. You don't even need to buy the book to figure it out. You simply carve all the way thru in some areas, and go only part of the way thru (called "sculpting") in other areas. My easy to follow patterns guide you on exactly which areas to cut through and which areas to sculpt. Starting on page 32 I will show you step-by-step, exactly how this is done, including tips on how to use power tools so speed things up.

Make Money with Watermelon Carving?

As I mention on page 8, "Watermelon carving is not just for fun either. Many carve watermelons for profit as well. Those trained in the art of creative fruit and vegetable carving can command $80, $100, $130 or more per centerpiece display. You may be cultivating a talent that is rewarding in more ways than one."

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Zombie Pumpkins!

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"WoW Jay! The book was amazing! I found it to be clear, concise, very informative and fun without being patronizing- the definitive 'end-all, be-all' of watermelon/pumpkin carving how-tos. Nothing remains left but to go and create! I love that you have included fantastic patterns for all of the holidays. I find I'm wishing now that I had planted more watermelons this year. " -- Christy Johnson, Utah